Time for a New Furnace? Use these Tips When You’re Shopping

Time for a New Furnace? Use these Tips When You're ShoppingFurnaces manufactured today are safer and substantially more energy efficient than those manufactured a decade or two ago. However, you may be unfamiliar with some of the advanced features available on new systems. If it’s time for a new furnace for your Amarillo home, use this guide to make wise decisions through the purchase and installation process.

High-Efficiency Components

Select furnaces reach exceptional efficiency ratings as indicated by their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) number. The following components and systems play a vital role in high AFUE ratings and greater home comfort.

  • Variable-speed blowers adjust airflow automatically to maintain optimal home comfort.
  • Modulating gas valves also use variable-speed technology to precisely adjust heat output based on real time heat demand.
  • Sealed combustion and venting eliminate the chance for furnace-induced backdrafting.
  • Zoning systems direct heated airflow to the zone you specify or program using a network of thermostats and duct dampers.
  • Whole-home air cleaners, such as HEPA filtration, protect furnace components from damage caused by dirt, debris and microorganisms.

Installation Considerations

Whether you choose a furnace with an 80 or 97 AFUE rating, the value of your HVAC investment is contingent upon a quality installation. One of the first steps your HVAC technician performs is a load calculation of your home. The load calculation is needed to size your new system correctly.

If you’re considering a higher-efficiency heating system, it may need a new venting installation that can accommodate acidic condensate produced by dual heat exchangers. Additionally, your ductwork should be evaluated for size and design. It may be necessary to modify or repair existing ducts or install new ducts.

Working With Your Contractor

The HVAC contractor with whom you choose to do business can make or break your heating system investment. Choose an experienced company that follows HVAC industry best practices for home efficiency upgrades, furnace sizing and installation. Moreover, your contractor should conduct a return on investment and lifetime cost analysis so you can easily compare the payback of standard and high-efficiency furnaces.

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