Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Efficient

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home EfficientAny time of the year is a good time for home maintenance, but the fall months are best for tackling much-needed maintenance tasks. Getting your home ready for the colder weather ahead not only saves you money on your utility costs, but it also helps keep your home in great shape for seasons to come.

Here are a few home maintenance tips you can use:

  • Give your gutters a good cleaning – Clogged gutters can eventually lead to trapped water, ice dams and even damage to the actual gutter. Clear out all leaves, twigs and debris and make sure the gutter system is undamaged and intact.
  • Check for signs of roof damage – Missing shingles and asphalt grit in your gutters can spell trouble for your roof. Carefully climb up top and give your roof a good once-over. In some cases, you may need to have your roof replaced by an experienced contractor.
  • Find and fix those air leaksCracks between window frames, door frames, siding and trim can easily cause your home to lose precious heat, leading to higher energy costs. By sealing your home with weatherstripping and caulk, you can save a significant percentage on your home’s heating costs.
  • Have your fireplace and/or chimney cleaned – Have a professional technician clear your chimney or fireplace of creosote deposits, soot and other dangerous obstructions. You’ll also want to check the firebox for any bricks and mortar that have gone missing over time.
  • Prevent water leaks with proper drainage – To prevent basement leaks, make sure all downspouts and other water streams lead to areas sloped away from your home. A typical slope should have approximately six inches over 10 feet.
  • Fix those faucet leaks – A leaky faucet can add up to a major headache, especially as a good freeze can easily damage plumbing. Leaky faucets can and should be replaced, but in the meantime, turn off those shutoff valves if you happen to see a leak.

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