HVAC Checklist for First-Time Home Buyers

HVAC Checklist for First-Time Home BuyersIf you’re like many other first-time home buyers, you’re not very familiar with your new HVAC system. This is the heating and cooling system that maintains your comfort, and its components require periodic care and routine professional maintenance. Here are some essential tips for keeping your HVAC system operating reliably.

  • Have an HVAC professional inspect the system — If you didn’t schedule an HVAC inspection prior to closing, it’s wise to have the system assessed for overall condition, correct sizing, efficiency, and safe operation.
  • Schedule semi-annual preventative maintenanceA professional air conditioner check-up in the spring and a furnace check-up in the fall are vital to keep your HVAC system in good working order. Well-maintained equipment uses less energy, and it’s less prone to costly breakdowns and premature failures.
  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat — By installing a programmable thermostat that matches your weekly schedule, you can program in daily temperature setbacks around your usual routine. Programming temperature adjustments for at least eight hours each day can significantly cut your energy consumption, so the savings on your utility bills can quickly add up.
  • Check the air filter regularly — The filter traps particulates so they don’t infiltrate the system and accumulate on key components. If you neglect the air filter and it becomes clogged with debris, the loss of airflow through the system can erode comfort and energy efficiency and eventually cause an equipment failure. Your HVAC professional can show you how to change the filter so that you can check it monthly and replace it when it starts to look dirty.
  • Learn how to clean the condensate drain — Cleaning the drainage system that removes all the water your A/C extracts from the air is part of a spring HVAC maintenance visit, but the lines can still become clogged during normal use.

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