Learn How to Deal with Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Learn How to Deal with Hot and Cold Spots in Your HomeHot and cold spots in different areas of your home make it impossible to maintain a consistent comfort level, but it’s not a situation you simply have to endure. The first step in resolving temperature inconsistencies is to identify the underlying causes.

There are two possible issues you can easily troubleshoot on your own:

  • Obstructed air registers — If the air registers in some rooms are closed or blocked by furniture, long curtains, or rugs, pressure inside the duct system increases and airflow declines.
  • Dirty air filter — If you haven’t replaced the air filter recently and it’s clogged with dirt and debris, restricted airflow may be suffocating the HVAC system and limiting the amount of warm or cool air it produces.

When to Call for Professional Help

If making sure all the registers are open and replacing the air filter doesn’t work, an experienced HVAC professional can look for other potential causes such as:

  • Duct system deficiencies — A contractor can check for and address damaged or leaky ducts, a lack of duct insulation, or design flaws like improperly sized ducts or insufficient return air.
  • Equipment-sizing problems — If your HVAC equipment isn’t sized correctly and it’s too large for your home, it will cycle on but shut off too quickly to adequately heat or cool the living space.
  • Poor thermostat location — If your thermostat is situated where it’s exposed to heat sources or drafts, or it’s installed away from the center of the house, it may need to be relocated to accurately control comfort.
  • Home-design issues — Your HVAC contractor may advise installing a zoning system that divides your home into multiple areas with individual thermostats if it’s a two-story or complex structure, or you have finished living space in the attic or over an unconditioned garage.

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