How to Properly Ventilate Your Bathroom

How to Properly Ventilate Your BathroomIs bathroom ventilation a problem in your home? Unless you have a proper exhaust fan system installed, you could be putting your house’s building materials — and your health — at risk. See for yourself why ventilating your bathrooms should be such a priority and how to select the right fan for the job.

What’s the big deal with bathroom ventilation?

Think a long, hot shower is a harmless luxury? Without proper ventilation, it’s not. The small, enclosed nature of bathrooms means that humidity, steam, and excess moisture can build up and promote mold and mildew growth. This leads to unpleasant odors, warped woodwork, damaged drywall, and health complications. Bathroom fans pull excess moisture and mold spores out of the room and exhaust them outdoors.

How should I select a bathroom fan?

Keep these three factors in mind when shopping for a bathroom exhaust fan:

  • Airflow capacity Your exhaust fan needs to be able to keep up with your needs. Airflow capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). For proper ventilation, an exhaust fan should have 1 CFM per square foot of your bathroom’s floor space. If your bathroom’s square footage is larger than 100 square feet, add on 50 CFM for every toilet, shower, bath, or shower/bath combo and 100 CFM for each whirlpool.
  • Noise rating Some exhaust fans are noisier than others. If you’re concerned about how loud the fan will be, look at its noise rating. Those rated between 0.5–1.2 sones are extremely quiet, whereas fans rated higher than 4 sones can be expected to be loud.
  • Energy efficiency — Energy Star fans will use significantly less energy than standard fans, yielding the highest energy savings.

What else can a bathroom ventilation system do?

Many exhaust fans come with additional features. Motion-detection and humidity-detection systems improve operational efficiency, whereas a heating system helps to keep you warm on a cold morning. Lighting can also be a part of the system.

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