How Can Turning Down Your Water Heater Temperature Save You Money?

How Can Turning Down Your Water Heater Temperature Save You Money?In the average home, the energy costs of water heating is second only to the HVAC system. While the average energy usage for water heating is approximately 17 percent of your energy budget, the higher the hot water temperature, the higher your energy bills. Turning back the water heater temperature can instantly save you money—and that’s not the only benefit.

This Water’s Too Hot!

Tap water that is too hot can cause scalding in a split second for children and the elderly. Guests to your home may also be unpleasantly surprised if the water is too hot. Moreover, water heaters with the thermostat set too high are prone to faster corrosion, more repairs, and shortened lifespan.

Adjusting Water Heater Temperature

The ideal hot water temperature as suggested by the federal program Energy Star is 120 degrees. Since many water heater manufacturers set the thermostat to 140 degrees out the factory door, you stand to gain substantial energy savings by turning back water heater temperature.

More Water Heater Savings Tips

If you are reluctant to turn back the thermostat temperature because you enjoy hot showers, boost insulation with fiberglass wrap on all of your hot water pipes. You’ll maintain a higher hot water temperature and enjoy higher energy savings. Additionally, insulate the cold water intake to the water heater.

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