How Can You Spot a Humidity Problem in Your Home?

How Can You Spot a Humidity Problem in Your Home?High humidity inside your home is an indoor air quality issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Humidity problems not only make you feel sticky and uncomfortable, but also increases cooling costs, damages possessions, and can lead to toxic mold and mildew growth. If you suspect that your Texas Panhandle home has a humidity problem, read through the following telltale signs and learn how to mitigate the issue.

Window Condensation

Window condensation is a sure sign of a humidity problem. As warm humid air comes into contact with a cooler window or other cooler surface, such as a wall, air ducts, or piping, the moisture in the air condenses. Condensation can drip down windows into walls and flooring, which damages the materials and invites mold.

Water Leaks

The presence of water from leaky pipes, clogged A/C drain, leaky roof, or another source will contribute to indoor humidity. Water leaks invite bacteria and mold and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Improper Venting

The bathroom and kitchen fans should be used when these spaces are in use. Run the bathroom fan during and after showering until the steam on your mirror has dissipated and wipe shower walls dry. Cover pots with lids while cooking to cut down on steam in the kitchen. Run the kitchen fan during and after cooking.

Mitigating Your Humidity Problem

A whole-house plan is the best way to reduce high indoor humidity. A dehumidifier may be attached to your HVAC system to remove excess moisture from return airflow. In this way, you are removing moisture from all living spaces—not just small spaces as with a portable dehumidifier.  High humidity is generally not a problem in the Amarillo area.

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