Get an HVAC Inspection Before You Buy That Dream Home

Get an HVAC Inspection Before You Buy That Dream HomeScheduling a home inspection before purchasing is crucial. Problems with the roof, foundation or electrical may be a deal breaker or drastically impact the price. While the home inspector may turn on the heating or cooling system to make sure it works, a more thorough HVAC inspection is needed to ensure the comfort and safety of your family.

The Importance of an HVAC Inspection

Depending on the season, your home inspector may only turn on the heating or cooling system without evaluating its counterpart. Because home inspectors generally lack the HVAC expertise needed for a thorough appraisal, their opinion may give homeowners a false sense of security. Unfortunately, heating equipment can still run while emitting dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) fumes due to a cracked heat exchanger, and cooling equipment may operate while in desperate need of a cleaning or overrun with mold.

The repair or replacement of one or more components of your HVAC system can be expensive, and many issues can put your family’s health and safety at risk. Figuring out if there are HVAC system issues before you purchase a home is the best option.

Older Homes vs. Newer Homes

An older home may have upgraded HVAC equipment, but if not, you’ll want a report on it’s current condition and any potential costs or repairs in the near future. If a new system is recommended, you may be able to negotiate on the total purchase price of the home.

In a newer build, the inspection should focus on:

  • Carbon monoxide: Dangerous levels of CO can result from malfunctioning equipment. After initial testing, CO detectors should be installed and maintained.
  • Ventilation: Insufficient ventilation can trigger allergy symptoms, mold or other air quality issues.
  • Leaky ductwork: Conditioned air can escape and contaminated air can enter through cracks or gaps.
  • Mold: Malfunctioning HVAC equipment or humidity issues can trigger mold growth, which can spread quickly, damage equipment and cause health issues.

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