3 Different Ways to Tackle Crawl Space Ventilation

3 Different Ways to Tackle Crawl Space VentilationDo you live in a home with a crawl space as opposed to a basement? This is the area between the earth and the first floor of your house enclosed by the foundation of the house. Often, it’s where ductwork and various utility lines and pipes can be found. It’s also where dirty, humid air tends to collect, and it can find its way into your living spaces and create a health hazard by fostering an environment for mold growth. This is why providing effective crawl space ventilation is so important. Following are three different ways to handle crawl space ventilation.

Venting the Crawl Space to the Outside

In a dry climate such as in the Southwest, this isn’t a bad strategy, especially if HVAC equipment or ductwork is located in the crawl space. However, in areas where it’s humid throughout much of the year, this allows even muggier air into the space underneath the house. You’re not solving the problem. This is why so many homes in humid areas have eliminated vented crawl spaces, instead opting for encapsulating or sealing the crawl space and then applying other ventilation methods.

Reroute Some Air From the HVAC System

This is a common method in an encapsulated crawl space, and it’s fairly simple if you have ductwork running through the crawl space. If you have a properly sized A/C, it shouldn’t be a problem to provide sufficient air on a continuous basis to the crawl space to dry it out, especially in the summer. However, if your cooling system is oversized or the weather is milder, the A/C may not run in long enough intervals to dry out the crawl space.

Exhaust Air Outside

You might try using a modestly sized exhaust fan to remove moist, dirty air from the crawl space. The problem with this method is that you probably can’t control where the replacement air is coming from. This method is less reliable than using the HVAC system to help ventilate the space.

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