How Can Homeowners Conserve Energy While on Vacation?

How Can Homeowners Conserve Energy While on Vacation?When you go on vacation this summer, you’re likely expecting to see some savings on your utility bills. After all, nobody will be home watching TV, operating hair dryers, washing clothes or taking showers. However, you can also save money by adjusting the A/C so it’s not running as often or working as hard. There’s no reason to cool the house fully for a week if nobody’s home to enjoy it. That’s one among several ways to conserve energy while on vacation.

A/C Operation Can Be Cut Back

That said, don’t turn off the air conditioner entirely. During our hot Texas Panhandle summer, you don’t want to leave the home completely to the mercy of the outside heat. Without the A/C running at all, temperatures in the home can reach close to 100 degrees. This can damage your belongings, home fixtures and house plants. A better strategy is to leave the cooling system running, but set it about 10 to 12 degrees higher than you normally would for daytime operation. When you arrive home, the house will be hot, but it won’t take forever to cool it down again.

A Programmable Thermostat Can Help

With a programmable thermostat, you can set the device to return your home to a comfort level before you expect to arrive home. You won’t walk into an oven after being on the road all day. If you have a WiFi-enabled thermostat and you end up coming home earlier or later than your original plans, you can change the scheduled temperature remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

Unplug Electronics

You’d be surprised at how much energy is used when your electronics with constant digital readings and lights are plugged in. This phantom power draw adds up over time. If you unplug them, this won’t happen, and you also won’t risk damage from power surges while on vacation.

Conserving energy while on vacation doesn’t have to be difficult. Please contact us at Amarillo Air Conditioning to discuss the right programmable thermostat for your Panhandle home.

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