Your Next A/C Purchase Should Be One With a Variable-Speed Air Handler

Your Next A/C Purchase Should Be One With a Variable-Speed Air HandlerYour air conditioner’s air handler helps to determine its efficiency, as well as the comfort level in your home. If you’re thinking about upgrading your air conditioner, a variable-speed air handler is one of the components you should consider.

How Variable-Speed Air Handlers Work

The air handler is the HVAC component that moves conditioned air through your home. Its efficiency is dependent on how much electricity it uses to do its job. A standard air handler starts up at full power so it moves air into the home at 100 percent capacity. This isn’t always a good thing, especially if the home’s cooling requirements are relatively low. The full-speed startup isn’t a problem with variable-speed air handlers because they’re designed to meet the home’s cooling load precisely.

Unlike standard air handlers, variable-speed units don’t cycle on and off throughout the day. Instead, they start at full power to get the home to a comfortable temperature quickly and then lower their speed and run continuously over the course of the day. The variable-speed air handler saves money by running at a low speed and not cycling on and off repeatedly, which uses a large amount of energy.

Benefits of Variable-Speed Air Handlers

Variable-speed air handlers offer benefits in several areas, such as:

  • Efficiency: By not running at full power, variable-speed air handlers can provide greater savings on electricity. They provide these savings in winter and summer.
  • Less noise: Standard air conditioners emit a whooshing noise when they cycle on. An air conditioner with a variable-speed air handler doesn’t do this. The noise from these units is almost imperceptible.
  • Comfort: By operating continuously, variable-speed air handlers keep your home’s temperature consistent. In comparison, the temperature can vary dramatically when a standard HVAC system is running versus when it has cycled off.

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