Don’t Let Duct Problems Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Don't Let Duct Problems Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your HomePoor indoor air quality in your Amarillo home can reduce comfort by aggravating the symptoms of colds, sinus infections, allergies or asthma, and by generally making the air less comfortable to breathe. In many cases, poor indoor air quality is caused by problems in your air ducts.

Contamination Caused by Return Leaks

The HVAC system requires a steady supply of air to heat or cool, and this air is drawn from inside your home using the return ducts. Any return ducts that are disconnected or leaking can suck in contaminants from the areas that surround them, spreading the particles throughout your home. Because return ducts often occupy poorly sealed areas like crawl spaces or attics, the contaminants can include dust, mold spores, insect droppings and moisture.

Contamination Caused by Supply Leaks

When air from the supply ducts leaks into unconditioned areas, the volume of air introduced into your home can be less than the amount drawn in by the return ducts. When this happens, your home becomes negatively pressurized, sucking in contaminants through any available path to the outdoors. This can include open windows, air leaks around windows or doors, and holes in the exterior walls, such as those made for pipes or electric cables. This can introduce pollen, dust, mold spores and other pollutants into your indoor air.

Backdrafting Appliances

Leaks in either the return or supply ducts can lead to a dangerous condition called backdrafting, where the combustion gases from fuel-burning appliances, such as water heaters or furnaces, are drawn directly into your home through the return ducts. Often these gases will include dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

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