Keep These Cooling Solutions Handy After Your Attic Remodel

Keep These Cooling Solutions Handy After Your Attic RemodelHome additions require plenty of planning, bid shopping and surviving the project with your sanity and without costly surprises. The payoff is well worth it since you’re utilizing previously unavailable space and increasing your home’s value. One element of your attic remodel that impacts comfort, indoor air quality and energy bills is cooling the new space. Here’s what you need to know regarding cooling solutions for your attic remodel.

Attic Remodel: Preparing Your Home

Your home should be prepared for an HVAC replacement, new install or modification. Start with an energy audit to locate areas and systems in your home that are wasting energy. Caulk, weatherstripping and insulation go a long way to lowering cooling bills.

A room-by-room load calculation needs to be conducted to determine how many BTUs your home, with the remodeled attic, is going need. If you made any home energy upgrades, you’ve lightened the load for your cooling solution and possibly reduced the size and cost.

Cooling Solutions

An attic remodel will impact the dynamic of your home efficiency and cooling requirements compared to a room addition on the north-facing side of your home. Heat rises and that needs to be factored into the load and the cooling solution you ultimately choose. The following are practical options:

  • Consider a separate unit for the attic.  Room temperature is more easily maintained when separate units are installed for separate floors.
  • Consider a ductless system for point-of-use zoned efficiency and comfort. The attic will be cooled and heated independently of the other rooms in the home and installation can be performed after the remodel.

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