5 Air Conditioner Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear

5 Air Conditioner Sounds You Don't Want to HearHaving your A/C running constantly during the hot Texas summers can be taxing on your system. While air conditioners are fairly loud most of the time, there are a few air conditioner sounds you absolutely do not want to hear. These sounds usually mean something’s wrong, which can mean your air conditioner is either about to break down, is running inefficiently or isn’t not working at all.

Air Conditioner Sounds to Be Wary Of

The sounds that you don’t want to hear include the following:

  1. Screeching noises from the blower – A buzzing noise from inside the HVAC system can mean the motor has burned out. Without a motor, air can’t circulate through the vents, which is a problem that requires maintenance immediately.
  2. Grinding noises from the compressor – The cooling fan in the compressor may emit a grinding noise from time to time. This means there are metal parts grinding against each other.  You should think about getting it checked out before it gets any worse.
  3. Knocking noises from any part of the system – If you hear a repetitive knocking noise, it may mean that something in your system is off balance. Usually this is a motor or a fan and should be repaired as soon as possible.
  4. Dripping noises from a pipe – A dripping noise can mean there’s condensation dripping somewhere. This may indicate a stoppage or additional insulation may be needed.
  5. Hissing noises from the thermostat – An electrical problem may be to blame if you can hear hissing near the thermostat. This is something you would want to get checked out immediately since it could cause a short circuit or give you a shock.

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