Schedule Professional Duct Maintenance This Summer

Schedule Professional Duct Maintenance This SummerIf you’re wondering if professional duct maintenance is important, it’s helpful to understand the vital role air ducts play in the HVAC system. Good duct design provides an unrestricted and sealed channel to convey cooled air to the rooms of your home. When ducts fall into disrepair, you’re saddled with higher cooling bills and disrupted comfort. Keep reading to understand, improve and maintain maximum duct performance in your Amarillo home this summer.

Maintenance Saves Energy

Air ducts are generally concealed from sight, so it’s easy to forget they need regular maintenance until you hear rattling, clamoring or other telltale signs of duct trouble. The best home efficiency strategy is to schedule professional HVAC maintenance each spring and fall season. This helps ensure you’re not wasting as much as 30 percent cooling and heating dollars, such as the average U.S. home, according to the Energy Star program.

Professional Duct Inspection

One of the first tasks your HVAC technician performs during a duct inspection is to look for obvious ductwork problems, such as disjointed seams, poor insulation and damaged ducts. Following the initial visual inspection, a duct blaster is used to pressurize the ducts to locate small air leaks that are difficult to detect by the naked eye.

Duct Repair and Sealing

The typical metal air ducts aren’t designed to snap together or adjoin to maintain strong seals at joints and boots. Ducts must be sealed with HVAC industry approved materials for a long-lasting tight fit. Following are some typical repair and duct sealing tasks your HVAC may perform:

  • Damaged and tangled air ducts are repaired.
  • Duct leaks are sealed with mastic paste, metal tape and sheet metal screws.
  • Uninsulated ducts in unconditioned spaces are insulated to industry standards.
  • A vapor barrier on the insulation may be recommended to prevent moisture condensation.

If you would like more information or to schedule professional duct maintenance for your Amarillo home, please contact the experts at Amarillo Air Conditioning today.

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