Ways to Protect Your Amarillo A/C Unit From Theft

Ways to Protect Your Amarillo A/C Unit From TheftEspecially if you live in a low-crime part of the Texas Panhandle, the idea of having to protect your A/C unit from theft may seem a little strange. In reality, though, the valuable copper the outdoor component contains in its tubing and condenser coils makes it a tempting target. A few basic steps can thwart the thieves and protect your air conditioner.

  • Increase your A/C’s visibility – Thieves prefer to work where they won’t be seen. To make your outdoor unit less attractive, trim down hedges that shield it from view. Install motion lighting directed onto the outdoor unit and toward dark corners where thieves might hide.
  • Defend it with an alarm – Specially designed air conditioner alarms are available to protect air conditioning units. These systems monitor for signs of a theft attempt, such as a power cutoff or drop in refrigerant pressure, and sound an alarm to attract attention.
  • Lock it up – Installing a padlocked chain link fence around the unit helps protect your A/C unit from theft. For greater protection, set up a metal air conditioner security cage designed especially for A/C outdoor units. Enclosing your yard with a fence also helps.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Christian Delbert/Shutterstock”