How to Tackle Your Home’s Ductless Maintenance

How to Tackle Your Home's Ductless MaintenanceDuctless maintenance is the key to preserving the efficiency and performance of a ductless mini-split installation in your home. Long a favorite in Asia and Europe, ductless technology is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. as a viable option to expanding your central A/C or installing window units.  

A ductless mini split is the perfect choice to cool or heat enclosed areas in homes where installation of ducts isn’t feasible or financially practical. Consisting of a compact, low-profile air handler installed on a wall or ceiling inside a room, the mini split also incorporates a downsized outdoor heat pump. The two units are linked by a narrow refrigerant conduit, and installation requires  small hole in an exterior wall. In a typical system, a single outdoor heat pump unit can serve up to four indoor air handlers, each with a dedicated thermostat that provides individualized cooling and heating to a room.

Why Go Duct-Free?

By eliminating the major source of central air conditioner energy losses — air leakage from ductwork — mini splits offer superior efficiency and low-impact installation. While major upkeep is minimal, regular ductless maintenance is required to ensure the full energy-saving benefits and comfort performance promised by manufacturer’s specs.

Ductless Maintenance

Here’s a rundown of basic ductless maintenance requirements:

  • Clean the air filter per manufacturer’s instructions. Mini splits typically use washable air filters that can be reused instead of trashed. However, just like any HVAC system, optimal airflow is vital to keep operating costs low and temperatures consistent. Most manufacturers recommend checking the filter monthly and dry vacuuming or wet cleaning as needed.
  • Verify that the condensate drain tube isn’t obstructed and conveys water out of the room to the proper discharge point outdoors.
  • Cut back any encroaching vegetation around the outdoor component to clear about two feet of space for adequate air circulation.

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