A/C Replacement: Understanding First Time and Lifetime Costs

A/C Replacement: Understanding First Time and Lifetime CostsIn the Texas Panhandle, where our summers are definitely nothing to mess with, A/C replacement takes some serious forethought. Part of that planning includes comparing the new equipment’s purchase price with the cost of running that equipment.

Investing Now for Future Savings

An air conditioner’s purchase price, or first time cost, isn’t the only amount you’ll pay to own the system. You’ll also need to consider the cost to operate it, known as the lifetime costs. .

Over time, a system with a higher purchase price is likely to end up costing you less than one with a low purchase price. One reason for considering an A/C replacement with higher efficiency equipment is greater energy savings.

Shop around and you’ll quickly see that systems with higher efficiency ratings cost more. That’s because the components that make a system more efficient, such as variable-speed motors and thermal expansion valves (TXVs), cost more to produce. On the other hand, these systems will cost you less in energy use. If you’re like many Amarillo homeowners and run your A/C from early spring until well into fall, even a small boost in efficiency can add up to a noticeable difference on your cooling bills.

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