6 Steps to Expect During Your Professional Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit helps you reach future efficiency and comfort goals by determining the status quo right now. Conducted by a qualified professional, the audit helps you prioritize needed repairs and provides a good idea of the range of potential savings available by taking specific steps. This enables the you to direct money and effort into those areas most likely to offer the most immediate and meaningful payback in both energy efficiency and improved comfort.6 Steps to Expect During Your Professional Home Energy Audit

Here are six things to expect from a home energy audit:

  1. It helps to have utility bills from recent months. The auditor can then compare energy usage during different seasons and identify particular trends.
  2. The auditor is interested in hearing about issues such as certain rooms that are always chilly, drafty areas or zones where the air quality seems stagnant.
  3. An exterior inspection includes a close look at all areas where building materials intersect, including exterior corners, the connection between the chimney and siding, and the long joint between the foundation and the exterior wall. He’ll look for cracks, holes and penetration points for pipes, all of which allow air leakage into and out of the house.
  4. Indoors he’ll check the state of weatherstripping and sealing, as well as the number and condition of doors and windows. Up in the attic, the depth and type of insulation will be recorded. HVAC ductwork will be visually inspected for leakage. Specialized equipment such as thermographic imaging may be used to check heat transfer through walls and ceilings.
  5. The blower door test lightly pressurizes the house. Sensors linked to a computer monitor indoor pressure and from that data compute an accurate estimate of the extent of air leakage. While the house is pressurized, the auditor may use specialized techniques to pinpoint the location of leaks for later sealing.
  6. After the audit, you’ll receive a written report documenting the results, listing suggested improvements and projecting potential energy savings. You’re under no obligation to make any suggested repairs.

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