5 Reasons to Add an HVAC Zoning System to Your Amarillo Home

Conventional HVAC systems cool or heat a home based on the temperature readings from one thermostat. With so many factors affecting temperature and comfort from room to room, it’s practically impossible to please everyone with one thermostat setting all the time. An HVAC zoning system mitigates comfort issues room by room 24/7. 

What Is Zoning?5 Reasons to Add an HVAC Zoning System to Your Amarillo Home

A practical answer to comfort issues for many homes is an HVAC zoning system. A zoning system utilizes automatic duct dampers that are opened and closed depending on the thermostat settings and readings in each zone. A zone is simply one or more rooms that you and your HVAC pro have determined need separate conditioning from the other zones. A few factors which determine zones include different floors, sun orientation and personal preference.

Zoning Benefits

More homeowners have an eye for maximizing home comfort and energy savings. Zoning systems were designed for and accomplish these goals, and more:

  • Comfort: It’s difficult to please everyone with one temperature setting. Zoning allows different temperatures zone to zone at any time of day or night. Now, everyone can sleep peacefully and comfortably.
  • Efficiency: Reducing the number of zones that are cooled and heated means less cooling and heating dollars consumed, and more money in your pocketbook.
  • Control airflow: Why condition your entire home when only one or two areas are occupied? Zoning systems are great for home offices, guest rooms, nighttime temperatures and more.
  • Less HVAC wear: The A/C and furnace run only as needed to meet the temperature settings for each zone. The fewer zones you have in service means less HVAC wear and tear.
  • Upgrade your HVAC system: If you’re upgrading your cooling and heating system, take advantage of this opportunity to install a zoning system and programmable thermostats. Ask your HVAC pro about variable-speed technologies for blowers and compressors, which work superbly with zoning systems.

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