Top Heating Considerations for an Attached Garage

Attached garages come in handy for parking, storage and workshops. If you’re searching for reliable and efficient ways to heat your garage, read through these tips and heating considerations.Top Heating Considerations for an Attached Garage

Forced-Air Heater

A gas-fired forced-air heating unit is a practical choice for powerful and quick heating. Work with your HVAC technician for the best venting location, which may be a ceiling-mounted install or near a wall or corner away from the garage door. Your HVAC technician may need to install a gas line, an electrical outlet and pull any necessary permits.

Sealed-Combustion Heater

If you use your garage for painting, staining or other activities that produce potentially harmful vapors, you should consider a sealed-combustion heater with a forced-air system. Sealed combustion only uses air from outside your home. A standard gas-fired heater uses local air — vapors, sawdust and more — for combustion.

Infrared Tube Heater

A low-intensity infrared tube heater radiates heat. This type of heating system heats objects, such as your tile flooring, concrete flooring, toolbox and workbench. Infrared tube heaters offer an advantage for people that work with paints and stains. There is no forced-air ducted airflow circulation to stir up dust, sawdust and debris, which can help improve working conditions.

Infrared tube heaters heat from the ground up, and are generally considered superior and more efficient than gas-fired forced-air systems. It takes them a little longer to heat up a garage, but it takes a forced-air system longer to reheat a garage once the garage door has been opened.

Sealing, Insulating and Heater Sizing

You’ll enjoy better efficiency and comfort if you seal any unfinished walls in your garage, and insulate the walls and sealing. Installing insulation in the ceiling is particularly important if you have attic space above your garage. Once your garage is sealed and insulated, your HVAC technician can size your new heater.

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