UV Lights Can Prevent Mold Growth in Your Amarillo Home

Mold can grow in nearly every environment on the planet, and your home is no exception. The easiest way to prevent mold growth indoors is with ultraviolet (UV) lights. UV light is a spectrum of sunlight that effectively alters the DNA structure of mold spores, rendering them sterile.

UV Lights Can Prevent Mold Growth in Your Amarillo HomeBecause continuous exposure to this light spectrum can damage eyesight, this light needs to be placed inside the the air ducts and air handler for your HVAC system, where there’s little risk to vision, and the volume of air passing by the lights is high.

UV lights eradicate the spread of mold and maintain your HVAC system’s efficiency, they can also:

  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Reduce the risk of mold damage. 
  • Create a healthier home.
  • Need little attention.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “art_of_sun/Shutterstock”