Proper Heater Placement Techniques for Your Home Garage

When you’re planning to install a garage heating system, the techniques used by an HVAC professional can assure you’ll receive even heating, energy efficiency and safe operation. Additionally, if your home uses natural gas or propane, a contractor will need to install a sealed pipeline for fuel delivery. 

Proper Heater Placement Techniques for Your Home GarageHeaters need to be a specific distance from combustible materials, as well as from the ceiling and walls. For combustion heaters, you should measure out the appropriate length or height for the exhaust flue or chimney. If you’re using an infrared or another kind of electric heating system, you may need the contractor to run an electrical outlet close to your heater. Operating air conditioners and heaters with extension cords isn’t safe.

Fuel-powered heater placement is somewhat more crucial, since the unit will need an exhaust vent, a proper gas line position and a gas shut-off lever. Your gas company may require a licensed plumber or HVAC contractor install the line for safety reasons. A licensed contractor will know if any permits from your jurisdiction will be required.

Your contractor will then position the venting system so that any carbon monoxide (CO) won’t pose a risk to you or your family. It’s always a good idea to have a CO detector in the garage if you use any kind of fuel-burning heating system,

Your technician will find the best place in your garage for your heater. Once the specific site is selected based on temperature and venting considerations, they’ll reinforce or block the mounting area for support and proceed with the full installation.

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