Tips for Checking the Drainage in Your Central A/C

All central A/C systems create condensation and dispose of it via a drainpipe. When indoor air blows over the evaporator coil inside your air handler, the water vapor in it condenses on the coil, falling into a drain pan and flowing into the pipe. Should the drain pan or drainpipe have a clog, the condensation will pool, which can potentially flood the area around your air handler, rust the pan and promote particle growth on the evaporator coil. 

Tips for Checking the Drainage in Your Central A/CIt’s a good idea to check your drain pan periodically for dirt and particulate growth. When your central A/C runs continually during the heat of the summer, there may be enough moisture in it to dirt particles. Eventually, debris can enter the drainpipe, plugging it or slowing the flow.

Checking your drainpipe is more difficult since it runs outdoors. If you have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can clean the outermost part of the pipe by loosening the cover over the end of the pipe. There may be water in your pipe, so set the vacuum up for water extraction and slip the hose over the drainpipe. Then, closing your hand around it as tightly as possible, turn the vacuum on.

Once finished, look inside your vacuum for debris. This tip will only remove the debris closest to the end of the pipe. The best way to run your A/C with a clean drainpipe is to ask your HVAC contractor to check and clean it during their annual maintenance visit. Having your A/C inspected early in the cooling season can save you energy dollars over the course of a long, hot summer, preventing even more expensive problems with your A/C.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Jane0606/Shutterstock”