What’s the Difference Between a Cool and a Warm Humidifier?

It’s pretty dry right now in Amarillo, and your HVAC system makes the air even drier. When the humidity in your home falls below 30 percent, it can cause dry skin, throat irritation and foster cold and flu viruses. To keep healthy, you might want to  invest in a humidifier. But what kind? Do you need a warm humidifier or a cool one? A whole house humidifier or a stand alone one?  Let’s take a look at some of the basic differences.

What's the Difference Between a Cool and a Warm Humidifier?Stand Alone Warm Humidifiers

A warm humidifier rehydrates your home’s air by converting water into steam. Because it uses a heating element to boil water, it’s more resistant to developing mold and bacteria over time. However, this heating element also uses more energy. The hot water and steam can also cause burns if you’re not careful, particularly in children. If you have children in the house, be sure to keep the humidifier out of their reach.

The warm mist from this type of humidifier is comparable to that of a sauna (in terms of breathability, not temperature). If you can breathe well in a sauna, you should be fine with a warm humidifier. If not, consider a cool one.

Stand Alone Cool Humidifiers

There are several different types of cool humidifiers, but they all operate similarly. Rather than boiling water into steam, they diffuse cool water into the house as mist. They tend to be more expensive than warm humidifiers, but they also use less energy, allowing you to recoup that loss over time. They’re easier to clean than warm models, however, it’s much more important that cleaning be performed regularly. If not, mold and bacteria can accumulate and diffuse into the air.

Whether you get a warm or cool humidifier depends on your home and your family’s particular needs. There are pros and cons to each. No matter which type you get, it’s important to have a humidifier in your home to fight the dry winter air.

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