Insulation Tips for Your Home’s Hot Water Heater

Winter temperatures can get fairly cold in the Texas Panhandle. While we all strive to save energy costs, you may not have thought to insulate your hot water heater. Since the outdoor temperature is almost always lower than the temperature of the interior of your home, this can help cut the cost of heating your water. The following tips will show you how easily you can insulate the hot water tank and start putting some savings back into your pocket.

Insulation Tips for Your Home's Hot Water HeaterIf your hot water heater is located in an unheated garage, insulating the tank will provide maximum benefit as the outdoor air cools the water in your tank. However, there is still benefit to insulating the tank if it is inside your home. To achieve the most savings, you can purchase an insulating blanket that is made just for this purpose. Simply wrap the blanket around your tank and mark where your pipes, thermostat and pressure valve are located. Cut the appropriate areas out leaving only enough space for easy access when needed. Fasten the blanket around your tank using aluminum tape. Special instructions for the blanket installation will be with the kit.

Another solution to insulate your hot water tank is to use fiberglass insulation that is faced. The only difference to install this type of insulation is you will have to cut enough strips to wrap around your tank, cutting out the access points as directed above. Seal the seams with duct tape. All that is left is to enjoy the savings you have generated.

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