Make Sure to Select the Best Site for Your Gas Furnace

To heat your home efficiently, you need to choose the right furnace for your home. You’ll also need to choose the ideal site. Gas furnaces are versatile as they can be installed in very confined spaces, like a closet or attic, or in open spaces, like a garage or basement. Here are some tips for choosing the right site:

Make Sure to Select the Best Site for Your Gas FurnaceInstalling a Gas Furnace in a Confined Space

  • When installing a furnace in a closet or other confined space, find out how much floor space is available. Your closet should be big enough to hold the unit, while allowing access to all sides.
  • The distance from the pipe that provides gas to your kitchen or laundry room to the area above or below your closet will have to be measured. This will indicate how much pipe is needed.
  • You should also measure the dimensions of your closet door. It’s important to have adequate combustion air.

Installing a Gas Furnace in an Unconfined Space

  • Your furnace should be installed in a garage or basement located close to an outside wall and close to a gas pipe. If there’s a preferred spot for your furnace, you’ll need to locate the gas pipe in your attic or basement ceiling to measure how much pipe is needed to reach the furnace site.
  • If the rafters are exposed above your garage site, the furnace’s exhaust vent can be installed through the roof. If not, you’ll need to remove some drywall or plaster from the ceiling.
  • In a garage, the furnace must be installed on a platform instead of on the floor, otherwise, outside, elements can extinguish the pilot light.
  • If there’s a water heater vent already in your basement, it may be possible to tie the furnace vent into it.

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