Easy Ways to Improve Home Ventilation Without a Window

Whether you can’t open a window because it’s cold outside or the room in question doesn’t have a window, never fear — you still have the option to improve home ventilation even without a window. Just follow these six tips to get rid of stagnant indoor air.

Easy Ways to Improve Home Ventilation Without a WindowRun an Exhaust Fan

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms typically feature exhaust fans. Turn your exhaust fan on while showering, cooking, running a batch of laundry or using cleaning products in any of these rooms. The fan draws air outside, so it’s doesn’t contaminant the rest of your home.

Install a Whole-House Ventilation System

Whole-house ventilation systematically ventilates your home by trading stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air. It also preheats and cools incoming air to keep energy bills low.

Run a Ceiling Fan

Sometimes a little air circulation is all you need. Moving air around decreases stale air, so everything smells fresher. For rooms without ceiling fans, a simple portable fan will suffice.

Leave the Door Open

If possible, leave the door to these rooms open to prevent air from becoming stale. If privacy is a concern, louvered doors help improve air circulation even when it’s closed.

Make Sure Combustion Devices are Properly Vented

Gas-fired furnaces, water heaters and clothes dryers need a way to vent outdoors. Your device may improperly vent to the attic, garage or crawlspace, which could cause serious indoor air quality problems. To improve home ventilation, ensure these appliances vent outside away from windows and doors.

Install an Attic Vent

Attic ventilation helps keep air above your home from becoming stagnant.

Have a professional examine the state of your attic and add or uncover soffit and ridge vents for natural attic ventilation.

With these tips to improve home ventilation, you’re sure to breathe easier even when you can’t open a window. For more useful tips, contact Amarillo Air Conditioning. We’ve been serving the Texas Panhandle for over 50 years.

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