Your HVAC System Should Be Covered During a Renovation — Here’s Why

Home renovations are an exciting time around your Amarillo home. The hustle and bustle of work crews coming and going may distract you from a bit of housekeeping: safeguarding your HVAC system. With airborne sawdust and drywall powder, your HVAC equipment is vulnerable. Preventive steps can minimize risk. 

Talk FirstYour HVAC System Should Be Covered During a Renovation -- Here's Why

Schedule a meeting with your HVAC contractor well before the first hammer swings. Discuss the remodeling project and ask for input on protecting your furnace, central air conditioner, and auxiliary equipment. Your contractor can close off registers and re-balance your system before work starts.

Turn it Off, Close it Up

Avoid running any parts of your HVAC system during renovations. This may mean scheduling the project for spring or fall, to avoid a hot or cold house. If you must run the furnace or air conditioner, run it at night, after workers leave and dust settles. Other strategies:

  • Close off registers in the work area
  • Cover registers and vents to prevent dust being pulled in

Seal it Off

Isolate the cutting and sanding area, or consider setting up an outside spot—the garage is good—for that work. Tape off and tarp the work area, and ask your contractor to use dust-abatement methods to limit the spread of debris. Invest in special floor plastic that are not slippery but keep carpets and floors clean.

Clean It Up

You may not be able to get outside workers to wipe their feet or remove shoes, but you can clean up the jobsite frequently to avoid tracking dirt and dust.

Frequent filter changes during renovation will prevent build-up of damaging dust particles inside your furnace and central air conditioner. Filters for your HVAC system are far less costly to replace than major parts broken by debris damage. When renovations are complete, replace the filters once more.

Job Done?

When the work is finished and crews departed, have your HVAC contractor inspect and clean your entire HVAC system. This includes blower, ductwork and the central air conditioner’s indoor coil. For more helpful tips on protecting your HVAC system during renovations, contact us at Amarillo Air Conditioning.

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