The Furnace Options for Your Amarillo Home

With several furnace options available in the marketplace, choosing the system that’s best for you will depend on a list of factors, including:

  • The Furnace Options for Your Amarillo HomeSpecific heating requirements
  • Amount of insulation in your home and the condition of the existing air ducts
  • Size, number of levels and particular layout of your home
  • Budget

Before investing in a new heating system for your Amarillo home it’s best for you to consult with a professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professional. He/she will likely explain that there are basically three types of furnaces available: single stage, two stage and variable speed. Here are the highlights.

Single Stage – Also referred to as single speed furnaces, these units are either completely off or on at full speed, delivering maximum heat output. This is the most costly type of furnace to operate since it turns itself off and on so frequently and each time it comes on it does so with maximum power, regardless of the current outdoor temperature.

Two Stage – Also known as two speed furnaces, these units have two speed options: one at full power and one at about 65 percent of full power. The lower speed, or first stage, is usually in operation about 75 percent of the time. The higher-speed, full-power second stage only comes into play when the outside temperature drops to the point that additional heat is required to attain the comfort level set by the thermostat.

Variable Speed – Variable speed refers to the fan motor on a furnace, which is capable of turning at a variety of speeds, providing just as much hot air to the air ducts as is required at any particular time. Even when heat isn’t being produced, variable speed fan motors can continually circulate filtered air throughout your home. This is the most economical, healthiest and most comfortable of the three furnace options.

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