How to Look for Air Leaks

The air leaks robbing your Amarillo-area home of energy efficiency are not easy to find. To look for air leaks, you need to think like an energy detective, following the smallest clues. You need patience to track down and look for air leaks, but the financial rewards are worth the effort. 


How to Look for Air LeaksYou need these items to look for air leaks, and then to seal them:

  • Caulk and caulking gun
  • Weatherstripping
  • Smoke pen

Look for Air Leaks Indoors

While inside on a windy day, hold the smoke pen and slowly walk your home, holding it near windows, doors, outlets and plumbing fixtures. Wherever the smoke wafts back into the center of a room, you have a subtle air leak.

Another way to look for air leaks is to examine insulation (in attic or basement) for dirty spots, where air has blown in against the insulation.

Outdoor Examination

Check the dryer vent to ensure that the cover is in place and the vent pipe is correctly attached (so dryer air is not leaking back into your home). Ensure the vent is not blocked by vegetation or dryer lint.

Walk around your home and check ground-level windows to see if the caulk has aged and fallen away. Check the chimney and any flue pipes from your furnace.

From the ground, examine your roof line, soffits and upper chimney parts with binoculars to check for visible gaps or evidence of insect penetration.

Caulk and Weatherstripping

Keep careful notes on likely air leaks and return to them with caulk (applied with a caulking gun) and weatherstripping (self-adhesive or hammered in place). Spray foam in a can seals around outlets, windows and baseboards.

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