Performing an Energy Audit Will Show Where the Energy Leaks Hide

If you’ve ever pulled out your hair over the stress of high energy bills, it’s time to address the energy leaks in your home. There are many common ways that you could be wasting energy that can be revealed with an energy audit. Performing an energy audit, or bringing in a professional to do one will uncover problems that you can fix to bring down your energy bills.

The Purpose of an Energy AuditPerforming an Energy Audit Will Show Where the Energy Leaks Hide

There are many systems in your home that contribute to energy use and waste. Your ventilation, cooling, heating, insulation and air tightness of your home are all important. The purpose of an audit is to evaluate all of these areas of your home and see if they are performing as well as you would like. If they are not, you will be able to pinpoint the biggest problems and then fix them. You can perform an energy audit on your own or have a licensed auditor complete a thorough analysis of your home.

What an Audit Entails

When a licensed auditor starts an assessment, he/she will typically start by examining the exterior of the home for any significant air leaks. They will then likely continue looking for leaks and evaluating the air tightness of your home by looking for leaks inside your home. Most will conduct a blower door test to get an accurate assessment of how many major leaks you have.

Not all auditors will conduct an assessment in the same order, but should address all the main concerns. Insulation is often evaluated for both thickness and performance. Most professionals will use an infrared imaging device to look for large heat gradients between your exterior walls and the rest of your home.

Finally, your auditor will look at your HVAC system as well, evaluating the condition of your main equipment, as well as taking a look for leaks in your ductwork. Most auditors will also evaluate how efficient your big appliances are.

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