Not Too Soon To Be Thinking of Fall HVAC Heating Inspection

An annual professional HVAC inspection of your heating system keeps it working efficiently and reduces the risk of a sudden breakdown. Even with summer temperatures still high around Amarillo, it won’t be long before the fall chill moves in. That means now is the time to schedule your fall furnace checkup if you want to beat the pre-season rush.Not Too Soon To Be Thinking of Fall HVAC Heating Inspection

During a fall HVAC heating inspection, your technician will check every component in your heating system. This includes:

Tuning up the fan motor — Your technician will inspect the blower fan blades and fan belt (if applicable)  for wear that could reduce the HVAC motor‘s efficiency. The motor’s voltage and amperage will be tested to ensure the motor runs safely and efficiently. Lubrication will be added as necessary to prevent excess friction.  (Today, many motors are sealed and cannot be lubricated.) Proper lubrication increases the motor’s energy efficiency and protects it from damage.

Checking the condensate drainHigh-efficiency condensing furnaces release carbonic acid condensate through a PVC drain pipe. Your technician will make sure the drain is set at the proper slope to prevent condensate from backing up and will also check for blockages and clean the drain as necessary.

Reviewing the fuel system — Any problems with your furnace’s use of fuel poses a serious safety hazard. To keep you safe, your technician will inspect the gas or other fuel lines for leaks, test the gas pressure and inspect the burner assembly for damage or malfunctions.

Inspecting the wiring — When wires become loose or corroded, they don’t carry electricity reliably. This reduces your system’s efficiency and poses a safety hazard. Your technician will look over your heating system’s wiring and address any problems.

Testing the controls — Your technician will run your heating system through start-up and shut down to see that everything operates as it should. The technician will also check your thermostat.

To be sure your furnace is ready to perform at top efficiency when the cold weather hits, schedule your fall HVAC heating inspection now by contacting us at Amarillo Air Conditioning.

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