Ever Consider a Ductwork Inspection? Here’s What You Might Find

Reliance on your A/C to stay comfortable during these hot days of summer in the Texas panhandle is imperative. Making sure you are not losing conditioned air because of leaking ducts in your home is also important for energy efficiency as well. When this happens you end up with an air conditioner working harder than it should to keep up with the demand to cool your home.

Ever Consider a Ductwork Inspection? Here's What You Might FindIf you suspect that your home is not cooling like it should, conduct an initial ductwork inspection on your own for any indications of leaking air ducts.

If you determine there is a problem, you should schedule a more extensive ductwork inspection with an HVAC professional. You should expect a complete review with recommendations for properly sealing any gaps or replacing any ductwork that is in poor condition.

Having your ductwork sealed will improve A/C performance and increase energy efficiency. Sealed ducts also help remove the potential of backdraft of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide from appliances into your home’s living space.

Another improvement you should expect is better indoor air quality when your ducts are sealed properly. You can also reduce dust and other unpleasant air particulates from circulating in your home by changing your air filter every month. By doing this regularly you should notice improved breathing comfort.

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