Maintenance Plan or Warranty: Which One? Or Both?

A reliable HVAC system is a necessity for year-round comfort in the Amarillo area, so protecting this costly equipment is a wise decision. When it comes to this essential coverage, you have a choice of a maintenance plan or warranty, so should you opt for one or the other, or both? If you compare the benefits that each type of protection brings, it’s easy to see that an HVAC maintenance plan provides the coverage you need.

  • Maintenance Plan or Warranty: Which One? Or Both?Preventative care. HVAC maintenance agreements cover semi-annual tuneups and cleanings that keep the system running efficiently and also prolong equipment life. A warranty won’t include these twice-yearly visits, so you’ll pay extra for critical preventative care. If proper maintenance is neglected, a warranty company may not pay for the repair if there’s a breakdown or failure.
  • Savings on repairs and emergency service. You can expect a substantial discount on needed repairs when you sign up for a yearly maintenance plan, and some HVAC contractors don’t add on overtime charges for emergency services. Warranties won’t provide these extra savings; in fact, most charge a deductible for the repairs that they cover.
  • Lower operating costs. The regular maintenance you get with an HVAC service plan helps lower energy consumption and costs. You won’t reap these savings when you have a warranty, because they don’t cover routine maintenance visits.
  • Priority service. HVAC contractors put their service plan customers on a priority list when they call for service, so they’re not left waiting for days without warm or cool air. Most warranty companies don’t provide this timely service.
  • Familiarity and reliability. When you sign a yearly maintenance agreement with a familiar HVAC contractor, you already know they’re reputable and skilled. You won’t have this assurance of competency and honesty with a warranty company. Most work with multiple HVAC companies and they simply send out the next name on the list when you call for service.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “venimo/Shutterstock”