Attic Insulation Can Make or Break Your Home’s Efficiency — Learn When It’s Time to Add More

Attic insulation should rank high on the list of items to check around the house during summer. Proper and adequate insulation has its benefits. It will help you maintain the right temperature, thereby lowering energy costs. It will also prevent damaging ice dams on the roof, and help to reduce humidity in the home.

Check Your Attic FirstAttic Insulation Can Make or Break Your Home's Efficiency -- Learn When It's Time to Add More

Hot air seeping through your attic means that cooling your home will cost you more. Any gaps or discoloration in your insulation are signs that you need more or new attic insulation. If you see signs of air leaking in, the leaks will need to be sealed before replacing old or installing new insulation.

The insulation that’s already installed may not be adequate to keep  heat from passing through the attic into your living space, or to prevent conditioned air from passing into your hot attic. Check to make sure that the attic floor is not visible, and that the insulation is above the joists. Distribution should be even, with no low spots. Add fiberglass blankets or batts of insulation on the floor of the attic, or loose fill on top of batts or in small spaces and spaces between walls. Extend the insulation to the eaves.


To make sure you get optimal performance, install insulation that has the recommended R-value and can adequately eliminate heat from passing through. For the Amarillo area, it is recommended that you use attic insulation that has an R- value between 38 and 60 if no insulation exists already and a value of 38 for attics already having insulation.

If you are uncomfortable installing insulation yourself or choosing insulation for your home, contact a professional insulating company. Amarillo Air Conditioning has been serving the Texas Panhandle for 50- plus years, making sure homes are more efficient and comfortable regardless of the season.

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