Add Greenery to Your Home and Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

There are many contaminants in the air that can ruin the air quality in your house. Contaminants like mold, pollution and household chemicals can go airborne, and create health problems for everyone in the house. Fortunately there is a solution that will not only improve the air quality of your house, but beautify it as well. Plants can improve indoor air quality in your home.

Add Greenery to Your Home and Improve Your Indoor Air QualityPollution is all around us, and can be caused by the most basic activity like cooking and adjusting your thermostat. Even with a change in lifestyle, that is not going to change. Having airborne contaminants can cause severe allergic reactions if not treated. Fortunately, carbon emissions can be reduced with foliage. Much like trees can improve the air quality outside, plants can improve indoor air quality. If kept in the right conditions and given proper care, they will thrive and reduce the carbon emissions in your house.

Plants go through a natural cycle called photosynthesis, which removes carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen. They can also get rid of airborne toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, which can all be found in most households. Plants like the peace lily, devil’s ivy and lady palm not only look beautiful, but they can improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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