Ways to Have a Dust-Free Home Everyday

Dust and allergens cause problems for many people throughout the year. There are medications you can take before spending time outdoors, but at home you want to keep the air clean and healthy to prevent that itchy nose and watery eyes. This is achieved through the use of a quality air conditioning unit that filters and cleans the air in addition to cooling it. Make sure your air conditioner installation and maintenance provider in the Texas panhandle keeps these considerations in mind to keep your home dust free.

  • Ways to Have a Dust-Free Home EverydayConsider which of the four basic types of air conditioner will work best in your home. The most common split system works well with an existing furnace by sharing the blower and ductwork. A heat pump either heats or cools your home and works especially well in warm climates. Packaged systems use an outdoor unit to heat and cool the home. The ductless split system works without the ductwork to directly cool the room.
  • Regardless of the system you use, it is important to make sure the ducts are properly sealed on installation to keep your home dust free. Improperly sealed ductwork can potentially introduce large amounts of dust to your home as the blower spreads any dust introduced through the ductwork. It’s much easier to have the ductwork sealed during installation than to clean it out later.
  • Even the best air conditioner requires regular maintenance to perform at peak efficiency. The harder the unit is forced to work due to lack of maintenance, the more likely there are to be problems introducing dust and allergens to your home. Regular tune-ups provide the opportunity to find and correct anything that may have become misaligned before it causes a need for more expensive repairs.

Keeping your home healthy and dust free doesn’t have to be difficult with the proper planning. Be sure to contact Amarillo Air Conditioning to discuss your air conditioning needs for installation or maintenance with a representative backed by our company’s 50 years of service experience.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Tang Yan Song/Shutterstock”