Evaluate Your Home’s Energy Use with a Home Energy Audit

Most of us are always looking for ways to maximize our income. After all the economy is still in recovery, and prices on many goods and services are still rising. While you may look to save at the supermarket, you may be overlooking other ways your budget is getting stretched.

Evaluate Your Home's Energy Use with a Home Energy AuditOne of those oversights could be your home HVAC system. While your air conditioning unit may be operating in tip-top form, your home may be vulnerable to energy loss through concealed air leaks throughout the structure. With energy loss comes higher utility bills, which is why having a home energy audit performed may be in your interest.

Energy Audit Process

During a home energy audit, a certified Home Energy Rater technician will follow U.S. Department of Energy guidelines for detecting energy loss in your home.

One process for locating air leaks is a blower door test. A powerful fan is attached to an exterior door, and creates a low-pressure atmosphere when air is drawn from your home. The technician should perform a “smoke-pencil” or thermographic imaging test to find air leaks.

A thermographic imaging device is also used to find surface temperature variations around the outer envelope of the structure to assess for air leaks.

Since the summer has not yet arrived, you may not even notice any meaningful changes in your utility bill at this time. However, why wait until it gets hot to find out if there are air leaks in your home? By scheduling a home energy audit now, you will be able to get out in front and start saving early.

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