Stay Steady — Keep Cool Without Lowering Your Home’s Temperature

Staying cool in the summer months often requires turning on your air conditioner if you live in a warm area. After all, a ceiling fan or portable fan just isn’t going to cut it when it’s in the 90s or low 100s. However, lowering your home’s temperature this summer isn’t the most efficient way to keep cool and it’s going to push your energy bills up through the roof. Instead of just turning the thermostat down until the windows are caked with ice, try these tips to feel comfortable with the thermostat up.

  • Use fans in your bedroom at night. A fan can make you feel cooler just by blowing air on you without actually changing the temperature inStay Steady -- Keep Cool Without Lowering Your Home's Temperatureside your home.
  • Shade your air conditioner’s compressor outside of your home. You need to give the unit room to “breathe” but keeping it out of the sun will allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently to cool your home faster. That means energy savings over the course of the summer.
  • Have your home inspected to see that it’s properly insulated and isn’t leaking cool air. A home with old windows and doors that aren’t sealed or a leak in the basement or attic will let cool air out, forcing you to run your air conditioner for a lot longer to make the house comfortable.
  • Get a duct inspection to see that air isn’t leaking out of your ducts before you can feel it. Leaking ducts can cause you to lose a significant portion of the cool air in your home.

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