Avoid Wasting Energy This Summer: Tips to Memorize

Taking steps to avoid wasting energy within your home comes with a myriad of benefits. The process can save you some money on your monthly electricity bills, and will help to protect the environment. Your efforts to save energy can also decrease the wear and tear your appliances are exposed to throughout the years. There are a few effective ways to save energy within your home on a regular basis. Here are five options that shouldn’t be overlooked:

Avoid Wasting Energy This Summer: Tips to MemorizeMinimize Pool Filter Operation

Make sure that the operating time of your pool filter is set to work no more than four or five hours a day. Choosing off-peak hours will allow your system to work under less pressure.

Unplug It All

Everything that is plugged into an electrical outlet continues to use energy even when it isn’t turned on. Plug your electronics and appliances into power strips so that the strips can be unplugged from the wall when you aren’t home and at night.

Load the Dryer Up

Fill the dryer up completely when you need to use it, and ensure that the moisture-sensing setting is on if you have one. This will help you remember to get your clothes out as soon as they get dry.

Change Your Air Conditioner Filters

The Amarillo sun often gets hot, which probably means your air conditioner gets its fair share of use. Change the filters as often as needed so your system doesn’t have to work against dust and grime when it’s turned on.

Seal Your Ducts

Leaking air ducts within your home can account for up to 25 percent of your cooling costs throughout the year. Have your ductwork inspected so leaks can be repaired as necessary.

These tips and tricks will help you avoid wasting energy without a lot of effort on your part, as they only take a few minutes to set up and maintain.

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