Ventilation: Consider These 2 Types in Your Amarillo Home

If you don’t have a ventilation system in your Texas panhandle home, you could be living in less than ideal conditions. A home that is well ventilated provides several benefits that most homeowners are unaware of. These benefits range from improved air quality to lower energy costs. Before you can reap the benefits, you should familiarize yourself with options available. Knowing the difference between the two types of systems can help you choose the best one for your home.Ventilation: Consider These 2 Types in Your Amarillo Home

Types of Ventilation System

  • Balanced – Balanced systems work well in all climates because they have a fan and a two duct system.  Balanced systems don’t depressurize or pressurize the home. They work by circulating the air in the home.
  • Energy Recovery and Heat Recovery Ventilators – These systems allow you to ventilate your home while still maintaining energy efficiency. The system transfers heat from the exhaust air to the fresh outside supply air, which lowers the costs of heating the ventilated air during the winter months. It also saves money on cooling costs by cooling the warmer supply air in the summer.

Benefits of Ventilation Systems

  • Improved indoor air quality with proper filtration
  • Control over airflow coming in and going out of your home
  • Reduction in fungal spores
  • Lower energy costs and higher energy efficiency
  • Better air circulation
  • Improved overall health and well-being

The benefits of a well-ventilated home far outweigh the initial upfront cost of the system. And the difference in your home will become apparent rather quickly after you have the ventilation system properly installed.

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