Changing the Air Filter: Do It Frequently, and Remember These Tips

Keeping your Amarillo home comfortable all year long is important, and your HVAC system works hard to do just that. There is one easy way that you can help your heating and cooling system work at its best for years to come. It is a simple, inexpensive, though sometimes forgotten task: changing the air filter.

Why Change the Filter?

The air filter in your HVAC system is the first place that air comes into the system from your home. Tiny particles of dust, dander, moldChanging the Air Filter: Do It Frequently, and Remember These Tips, pollen, and debris are carried up into the system along with this air. The air filter assures that the maximum amount of this dirt and debris is filtered out so that it does not damage your system’s delicate machinery.

If the filter is not changed often enough, it can clog up. This makes it more difficult for your system to pull air through it, causing undue strain on the system and a reduced air flow. A clogged filter will also allow more dirt and dust particles through it, which can also cause premature system failure.

How to Change the Filter

Follow these simple steps to make changing the air filter a snap:

  • Turn your system to “off.”
  • Inspect the new filter to ensure it is not damaged out of the package.
  • Consult the owner’s manual for your system for instructions on where and how to replace the filter.
  • Once the new filter is in place, turn your system back to “on.”

When to Change the Filter

Most manufacturers recommend changing the air filter at least every three months. If certain conditions apply to your home, however, you should change it more often. Some of these conditions are as follows:

  • You have pets in the home
  • Someone smokes inside the home
  • You live near a construction site or on a farm
  • You live where wildfires are common
  • You have a fireplace

There are filters that are designed last longer, but you will have to determine when the appropriate time is to change yours.  Considering the conditions above and actually inspecting your filter will help you with your decision.

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