How to Find the Right Whole House Humidifier System

A whole house humidifier is an invaluable part of a comfortable home. A home without adequate levels of humidity can lead to many different types of problems. Poor health, uncomfortable temperatures and even damage to wood floors or furnishings are all possible when the humidity level drops too low. Here’s how to ensure you get the right whole house humidifier for your family’s needs. 

  • Be sure that you know the square footage of your home so you can purchase a humidifier that fits your needs. Also, keep in mind that drafty houses may require a humidifier with a higher output.How to Find the Right Whole House Humidifier System
  • Be realistic about your maintenance habits. Amarillo’s hard water may cause the filter and orifice to need to be replaced more than once a year.

The health and comfort benefits of a humidifier outweigh the costs of maintaining it.  Many people notice an easing of dry skin during the winter with the addition of a humidifier.

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