Purchasing a Surge Protector Requires Little Investment but Yields Big Returns

Many of us have very expensive electronics in our home that range from big screen hi-def televisions and stereo amplifiers to Blu-ray players and video game systems. Unfortunately, a single power surge can fry these electronics, not to mention our home’s HVAC equipment, which is why the use of a surge protector is essential. And in addition to avoiding expensive repairs or replacement, the use of surge protectors can also lower your energy bills each month.

How Surge Protectors Work

The primary goal of a surge protector is to safeguard all of the devices that have been plugged into it. A surge of power can happen at any time, andPurchasing a Surge Protector Requires Little Investment but Yields Big Returns the likelihood of such an event is multiplied due to lightning storms, bad wiring, and other issues. When a power surge hits a surge protector, the unit detects the extra voltage and reroutes it into the outlet’s grounding wire. This prevents the extra voltage from reaching the equipment and “frying” it. Many people are under the impression that this detection actually shuts down the devices in order to protect them, but this is not necessary. Rather, the extra voltage hits a detour of sorts and the normal voltage continues unabated, allowing your equipment to continue functioning without an interruption in service.

Saving Money with Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are great at protecting your home’s HVAC equipment and other electronic devices, but are also a great way to save energy and money every month. This is because of “energy vampires,” which are devices like cell phone chargers, video game systems, and other such devices that continue to draw energy even when they are turned off or in standby mode. By switching off a surge protector when none of its items are in use, you cut off this drain of energy completely, thereby lowering your monthly energy costs.

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