Your Yard’s Landscaping Could Be Saving Your HVAC System

Amarillo’s hot summers can put considerable demands on your home cooling system. The more your air conditioner or heat pump works, the more likely it is to wear out early and become susceptible to malfunctions or total system breakdowns. Using your yard
landscaping to reduce the amount of heat that gets to your home’s interior can relieve the stress on your HVAC equipment while at the same time improve indoor comfort and reduce monthly heating costs. 

At first, landscaping may seem an unlikely ally in the quest to reduce indoor heat gain and save your HVAC system. However, properly arranged and applied landscaping features can significantly reduce the amount of heat that streams through your windows, radiates through your roof, or passes througYour Yard's Landscaping Could Be Saving Your HVAC Systemh your walls.

  • Shading: Trees, shrubs, and similar vegetation can provide plentiful amounts of shade to keep sunlight from hitting your home. Blocking sunlight prevents heating of attics, which can increase the temperature almost everywhere within your home. It also stops sunlight from coming through your windows and boosting temperatures through solar energy. Plant deciduous trees that have a large amount of leaves in the summer and lose their leaves in the winter. Some medium-sized trees appropriate for Amarillo’s climate include the Texas Red Oak and Lacebark Elm; larger trees include the Burr Oak and Cedar Elm. As trees grow, they’ll provide more and more shade at a higher point on your home. Vines on a wall or trellis can provide shading within their first growing season.
  • Windbreaks: Vegetation can also provide windbreaks that can stop hot wind from reaching your home. Trees and shrubs are effective windbreaks for moderate heights, while dense evergreens can block winds at lower levels. You can also put shrubs, vines, or bushes near your home’s walls to create an insulated zone between the vegetation and the walls.

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