Learn Ways to Stop Air Leaks

Many homeowners in the Texas panhandle area forget to consider sealing their homes properly, often due to a mistaken assumption that well-sealed houses are only a necessity in regions with harsh winters. This is a myth, however, and sealing your home well can also save a lot of money and energy, both throughout our scorching summers and during our mild winters. Here are a few ways to stop air leaks in your home:

  • Try a home energy evaluation. Hiring a professional inspector to visit your home and conduct an energy audit will help you locate any issues or air leaks that you can’t spot on your own, and the auditor can give you specific advice on how to fix any problems your home may have and decrease your energy use.Learn Ways to Stop Air Leaks
  • Check your home’s insulation. A properly-insulated house will keep cool air inside in the summer, lessening the workload for your air conditioner and saving you plenty of money in the process. Be sure that your walls and attic have plenty of insulation to keep things sealed.
  • Seal gaps, cracks, and holes. Air leaks are often the result of small gaps near doors, windows, electrical outlets, and baseboards. Caulk up any gaps you see, or use spray foam or weatherstripping material to stop air leaks.The materials required to seal leaks are fairly low-cost, and you’ll likely be repaid in decreased energy bills in no time.
  • Have your air ducts checked out. Though most homeowners don’t think of their heating and cooling ducts when searching for air leaks, duct leaks can cost a lot of extra money, overwork your HVAC system, and keep your home from reaching a comfortable temperature. Find and seal any duct leaks that may exist in your home, so you be can be certain the the heating and air conditioning you’re paying for will actually make it to the rooms of the house.

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