How Can You Tell When Your Ductwork Is Too Old?

Regardless of the age of your Amarillo home, periodic home evaluations are vital in order to ensure your family’s comfort and safety and prevent major repair bills down the road. When it comes to your ductwork, out of sight shouldn’t equal out of mind, and here’s why: your ducts shoulder the responsibility for the delivery and circulation of air throughout your home, and any deficiencies within their network can have any number of undesirable consequences. Read on to find out how to assess their condition and how to tell when they need replacing.

  • Determine their age. If the ductwork is original to your home and is several years old it may be reaching the end of its lifespan. Ducts installed during construction may not be of the highest quality and may need replacing in as little as 10 years time.
  • Evaluate the airflow. Rooms that have a noticeable difference in temperature from the rest of the home may suffer from a lack of airflow, stHow Can You Tell When Your Ductwork Is Too Old?emming from collapsed or disconnected sections of ducting. Even smaller cracks or holes can contribute to this issue, as can the absence of insulation in unconditioned spaces, where it may have deteriorated due to age or fallen down because of issues with taping.
  • Call your contractor. A duct blower test is a reliable method of evaluating the health of your ducts. Your contractor will use a blower fan to pressurize the duct system, with sensors inside both the network and the blower. The flow of air through the blower is then measured to determine the amount of air leakage compared to the amount of air flowing through the system.
  • Perform a visual inspection. Check all exposed ducting looking for signs of damage, breaks in the joints or duct tape that is falling apart. Be on the lookout for streams of dirt around the seams, signaling air leakage, and any traces of corroded metal or rust.

For a professional assessment or replacement of your existing ductwork, call the professionals at Amarillo Air Conditioning who have been proudly serving homeowners in the Texas Panhandle for more than 50 years.

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