Furnace Not Blowing Warm Enough for Your Amarillo Home?

The problem of a furnace not blowing warm enough is something that many homeowners have been forced to deal with, typically at the worst times of the year. To ensure that your home’s comfort level doesn’t suffer too much if you notice the furnace not blowing warm enough, it’s essential to know what to check before calling on the help of a professional technician. We’ll get you started with some quick causes and possible fixes:Furnace Not Blowing Warm Enough for Your Amarillo Home?

  • Thermostat issues — Whether you have a manual or programmable thermostat, the unit may be malfunctioning. But it could be something as simple as your heat mode being turned off or an improper temperature setting.
  • Pilot light is out — Even though modern units don’t often have a problem with their pilot light going out, this is still a possibility that shouldn’t be overlooked. Relighting the pilot light is typically a simple endeavor. If you’re not sure how, consult the furnace’s instruction manual or call a professional.

Tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse

    — Problems with your furnace may all come down to a tripped circuit breaker, which is probably the easiest fix of all. Another possibility is a blown fuse.
  • Closed control valve — With a gas or propane furnace, you must make sure that the control valve hasn’t been closed. If it has been closed, this will interrupt the furnace’s operation.

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