A Higher Efficiency Air Filter Is Worth the Difference in Cost

Using a cheap air filter in your furnace could be costing you money. Amarillo’s hot, dry summers and chilly winters have us running our air conditioning and heating frequently all year, so small improvements in efficiency make a big difference. Just using higher efficiency filters can help keep your system cleaner.A Higher Efficiency Air Filter Is Worth the Difference in Cost

Your system will run at top efficiency — The 1-inch fiberglass filters can’t hold much debris, so they can allow some particles to pass through to your system.  It’s easy to forget to change your air filter and end up letting your system run with a clogged filter. A dirty filter interferes with the flow of air entering the system, forcing your fan motor to work harder to maintain the necessary airflow. Higher efficiency filters trap more particles, which in turn may need to be replaced more often.  But, this keeps your system cleaner.

You’ll need to monitor how often to change filters — Fiberglass panel filters should be changed monthly. Higher efficiency filters may need to be changed every three months.  Some pleated filters last up to a year. Per filter, higher efficiency filters cost more than fiberglass panel filters but are worth the investment.

Your components will last longer — A low-efficiency air filter lets small amounts of dust, pollen and other contaminants into your system. This debris builds up and can damage your fan motor, A/C coil, and possibly other components, causing them to fail early. A high-efficiency filter keeps your system clean so you’re not stuck with the cost of replacing a component that should have lasted longer.

To see benefits like these and enjoy better air quality, too, look for a filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of between 7 and 11.  You will also need to consider the efficiency of the filter that your system can handle.

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